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On the Bloch constant; H. Approximation of subharmonic functions with applications; D. Harmonic approximation and its applications; S. Jensen measures; T. Simultaneous approximation in function spaces; A.

Du kanske gillar. Lifespan David Sinclair Inbunden. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Hermann Weyl considered value distribution theory to be the greatest mathematical achievement of the first half of the 20th century. Berezansky from the laboratory of inverse problems of spectral analysis L. Nyzhnik , random processes A.

Skorokhod with a laboratory of stochastic differential equations and diffusion processes M. Portenko , differential equations with partial derivatives M.

Mathematics Subject Classification – Analysis

Gorbachuk , the theory of functions V. Dzyadyk from the laboratory of harmonic analysis O. Stepanets , theory of approximations M. Korneichuk , complex analysis and potential theory P.

Tamrazov , applied researches V. Fushchich with laboratory of mathematical problems of heat and mass transfer A. Galitsin , mathematical modeling B. Nesterenko , stability of multidimensional systems I. Lukovsky with a laboratory of mathematical problems of mechanics D.

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Korenivsky , mechanics and control processes V. Koshlyakov , theory of reliability of probabilistic systems G. Butsan from the laboratory of statistical methods of the theory of reliability I.

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Ezhov , mathematical methods of statistical mechanics D. During this period, scientists of the Institute had been carrying out research on such important areas of mathematics as algebra, topology, theory of functions, functional analysis, theory of ordinary differential equations and partial differential equations, mathematical physics and theory of nonlinear oscillations, probability theory and mathematical statistics, mathematical methods of mechanics, computational mathematics, mathematical modeling and applied mathematics.

In theory of nonlinear oscillations asymptotic methods were developed for higher order equations and partial derivatives, adiabatic invariants were constructed for broad classes of dynamical systems, and important theorems of the theory of stability were proved Yu.

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Mitropolsky ; significant results were obtained in constructing a constructive theory of local central manifolds O. In the theory of differential equations the problem of asymptotic splitting of a singularly perturbed system of linear differential equations in a complex bifurcation point of system coefficients was solved; have been developed methods of asymptotic integration of linear systems with slowly varying coefficients and degenerations, has been completed an analysis of the numerical-analytic method for the investigation of periodic solutions of nonlinear differential equations, in particular, was found the exact value of the radius of convergence of the majorant series of this method; was constructed a Fawar theory for linear pulse systems with bounded operator coefficients in a Banach space A.

In , Yu. Mitropolsky, A. Samoilenko, V. Kulik, O. Lopatin and M. Ronto were awarded the State Prize of Ukraine for the cycle of works "New mathematical methods in nonlinear analysis". Was developed the basic provisions of the theory of almost periodic pulsed systems and the theory of linear pulsed extensions of dynamical systems on a torus S. Trfymchuk, V. Were obtained significant results in the theory of noether boundary value problems for systems of differential equations and equations with impulse action O.

In the theory of dynamical systems was proposed the classification of one-dimensional dynamical systems by the type of rotating trajectory; were found the criteria of simplicity and complexity; has been developed a new approach to mathematical modeling of turbulence the concept of "ideal turbulence" and from the new point of view was considered the development of the cascade process of formation of structures and the emergence of spatial-temporal deterministic chaos; Mathematical formalism was proposed for describing the processes of formation of structures, including fractal, solutions of difference equations with a continuous argument O.


In the theory of differential equations with partial derivatives was created a theory of the degree of perturbation of a densely set maximally monotonous operator with its application to the solvability problems of variational inequalities and differential inclusions of elliptic and parabolic types, was constructed a correction for relatively uniform convergence for solving a nonlinear parabolic problem in a general perforated region and studied the behavior of the remainder of its asymptotic expansion I. Were studied the evolution equations with a regularized fractional derivative with respect to time, which are widely used in physics to describe abnormal diffusion; was constructed Green's matrix of the Cauchy problem for a nonhomogeneous equation of fractal diffusion with variable coefficients S.

Complex Analysis: Lecture 17 : fluid flow, circulation and flux, Laplace equation

Eidelman, A. Was constructed the theory of pseudodifferential operators over the field of p-adic numbers and general local fields; was obtained the image of canonical commutation relations by operators over a local field of characteristic n, which made it possible to systematically develop the fundamentals of analysis and the theory of ordinary differential equations over such fields; was developed the theory of differential equations with irregular singularities over the field of a positive characteristic A.

For differential equations in the Banach space both over the archimedean and non-archi-field fields, were found the criteria of solvability of the Cauchy problem in various classes of analytic vector-functions of finite order and type, by means of which the boundaries of applying the method of power series to finding both exact and approximate solutions of these equations; for approximate solutions are obtained a priori estimations of the approximation error; was constructed the theory of boundary values of semigroups of linear operators in a Banach space, were found criteria for the solvability of differential equations in a Banach space in classes of entire vector-valued functions of finite order M.

Gorbachuk, V. The deadlines for submission is September 30, , but individual papers will be reviewed and published online as they arrive. We are looking forward to your submission. If you have any question, please contact us at Agnieszka. Bednarczyk-Drag degruyteropen.