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An explanation for this pattern is not given -- one has to agree with the author that this would result either in a series of wild guesses or in undue generalization. Another controversial subject is metrology which is treated in chapter 5 Since ancient coins bear no direct indication of their value, one is obliged to differentiate between them by metal, size, and weight the first criterion plays no role in this case as only bronze was used. It is, thus, obvious that a bigger and heavier coin had a higher value; in addition, each denomination was indicated by a specific motif.

In the cases of the obverses, this system mirrored the hierarchy of the images represented, e. However, certainty ends there and leaves ample room for a number of difficulties. Moreover, size and weight do not always correspond between different cities, i. Nevertheless, through a comparison of the coinage, which takes these differences and similarities into consideration, the author tentatively recognizes two systems in the province of Asia, one for its western and another for its eastern part.

So much for the relative value of coins. The difference between the ancient user and us is that the former knew the absolute value of a given coin, whereas the latter does not. Attempts at determining the absolute value, i. In this way, the coin denominations of many of the cities using countermarks have been convincingly established.

ROMAN PROVINCIAL COINAGE, SUPPLEMENT 2 (copy of the online version)

However, these results cannot easily be transferred to other communities because of the above mentioned differences in size and weight of the coins. And given the comparatively small number of countermarks and of cities using them, many questions must remain unanswered.

The brief last chapter shows the value of the examination of coins and coinage in the province of Asia for the reconstruction of historical events in the period of AD, but also the danger of over-interpretation. The fact that three cities in Asia Hadrianopolis, Miletus, and Prymnessos struck coins for Pupienus, Balbinus, and Gordian III Caesar and Gordian I in the case of Prymnessos can be taken as an indication that the entire province recognized the new rulers and thus joined the uprising against Maximinus Thrax.

For the absence of coins of these emperors on the part of other cities in the province is not, on the other hand, a sign of support for Maximinus Thrax since cities did not mint on a regular basis. Caution is also necessary when one tries to use coinage to reconstruct the route Gordian III used on his way to the eastern front. The author argues that neither the motifs on coins, nor the volume and rhythm of coinage, nor homonoia-coins are indicators of the route taken by the emperor and his army.

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She accepts only the adventus-motif on coins of Lysias no. As a rule, local motifs are preferred to those referring to events which are important for the whole empire. The largest part of the book is occupied by a catalogue of the coins minted in the province of Asia between and BC ; a list of the collections and sales catalogues, from which the material is compiled, is given on The catalogue is arranged according to the conventus in a geographical order and within these by cities in alphabetical order.

The section of each city is preceded by a brief introduction which includes, among others, a mention of the most important historical events, a history of numismatic and other research, and studies of special topics such as the denominations used, legends, and iconography.

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Within the cities, the different obverse dies for each emperor or, on pseudo-autonomous coins, each image are briefly described and numbered AV 1 etc. Then follow, again in descending order of denominations, the motifs of the reverse dies, each of which is also further subdivided RV 1 etc. The running catalogue numbers are based on these reverse motifs. The actual coins with their different combinations of reverse and obverse dies are finally listed and numbered under the running number with indication of the collection, weight, size, position of reverse die, and, if applicable, a countermark.

This seems, at first sight, a rather complicated system, but it serves its purpose very well, especially since it shows clearly the relationship between motif and denomination.

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Lorichs collection, Stockholm, , and the Bibliothque nationale de France, by P. Other collections: E. Arslan, M. Cunegatti, L. Pozzi, Museo Civico Carlo Verri. Catalogo delle collezioni numismatiche. Le monete greche. Parte I. Hispania-Sicilia, Comune di Biassono, Uncertain mint NW? Cores coll. IVDJ , Montas coll.

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IVDJ , 9. Len , IV , See a recent discussion about the foundation date and the name of Emerita, in A. Faria, R. IVDJ , 9,80 priest ploughing l. S2-I-5A AE.

Axis: 10 1 [0]. Barcelona trade, 2. Not seen, verification needed. The rev.

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A forgery or just a tooled coin? S2-IA AE.

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  • Axis: 6 1. Ba , The coin seems genuine; according to its weight and size it must be a dupondius. IVDJ , 7. One more, IVDJ , 5. IVDJ , 4. VQR ; Both share de obverse die. Variant with obv. VQR IVDJ , , The Hague BM cast. IVDJ , 6. IVDJ , 5. Axis: 1 1 [0]. Published on Dec View Download Emerita See a recent discussion about the foundation date and the name of Emerita, in A. The Coinage of Roman Alexandria Documents. Roman Imperatorial and Imperial? Roman Republican Coinage Online: How does it work?

    Topics roman imperial coinage, numismatics, coins. Roman Imperial Coinage V, Bibliography Roman Provincial Coinage - American?? Coinage and Identity in the Roman Provinces, Oxford Newell] Documents. C Documents. Survey of Numismatic Research Roman Provincial Coinage. Coinage and Identity in the Roman Provinces Documents.