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  1. Seismic modeling of geothermal reservoir characterization, 2016
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  4. [PDF] Seismic Modeling of Complex Geological Structures - Semantic Scholar

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As a result of this expertise, we have developed a set of microseismic software applications. The first commercial application is called MDesign a system for evaluation and design of a microseismic network layout.

Seismic modeling of geothermal reservoir characterization, 2016

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Events In Focus Press Contact. NO Software. The NORSAR software solutions contain a number of unique concepts compared to other systems on the market: NORSAR have developed 3D model representation technique, called the Open Ray Model which gives flexible modelling possibilities with minor restrictions on the model completeness. For example, it is possible to perform seismic ray tracing immediately in a preliminary or incomplete depth model, i.

Other Resources

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Forward modelling code

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6- Seam: The Challenge of Modeling Seismic Exploration At Full Scale- Y Li, 2013

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[PDF] Seismic Modeling of Complex Geological Structures - Semantic Scholar

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Microseismic software applications