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The idea is to get all of the spokes at the same very moderate tension. If the wheel is still very floppy after this, tighten each nipple another turn. Then put the wheel in the frame, spin it, and marvel at how wobbly and off-centre it is. Step 8 : You need to do three things now — get it straight, centred, tight. The rim will wobble side to side and up and down.

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Use the ruler to brush against the rim as you spin the wheel to identify where the wobbles are, and fix whichever is worst at any one time. Pull a section of the rim towards one side by tightening spokes on that side with the spoke wrench whilst loosening spokes on the other. To correct vertical straightness, find the lumps and tighten spokes equally on both sides. Keep doing this until the wheel is pretty straight both laterally and vertically to within a couple of millimetres. The spokes should now be quite a bit tighter than before.

This means you need to pull the whole rim over the the right a little to compensate.

Symmetric and Asymmetric Wheels

Do this by tightening all the right-side freewheel-side spokes equally. I know, I know — it takes ages. But the effort is worth it. Step 10 : Now you should have a pretty straight and centred wheel, but the spokes might be a bit loose.

Do You Know How to Build a Wheel? - Pinkbike Poll

Listen to the note and compare it with the twang from your new wheel — the freewheel side will be higher in pitch, which is normal. Now tighten all spokes equally, maybe a quarter of a turn each, until the twanging pitch is in the same ballpark as the reference wheel.

You can also judge tension by squeezing pairs of spokes together where they cross. Keep doing this and trueing the wheel over and over again until the pinging noises stop and the wheel stays true after the spoke-squeezing.

How To Build A Bicycle Wheel - Maintenance Monday

Stick a tyre on it and go. True again after a few rides. Sounds easy, right?! If you have the time and inclination and want to learn more and do it thoroughly, check out the article I read in order to build the wheel properly , and let me know how you get on.


Very well written as well and deeply affecting. I think your adventure and the quality of your story-telling beats definitly most of the other biker-around-the-world-blogger-website I have met. Comme on dit en France: Chapeau! Merci beaucoup Yvan.

I hope you continue to enjoy reading the blog when I hit the road again in a few months. Well, your whole-blogg-thing have a peculiar charm witch lies in the fact that it seemd from the beginning like you guys were one of the normal kind adventurers young riders around the world and so on. Not so excitnig in deed.

The main interest I find in your story is the way it developped, with maturity coming in, lonelyness and finally, most of all, finding love in the deepest of lonelyness. This was a striking reality witch twist the neck to bike intrest : From Bike narrowminded to truely affecting love story. Not that I am longing for Love stories, but this came as a very break trough from the daily reality: your plans vanished, your blogg suffered and silence was suddently the proof of an intense life for you.

Quite a scenario indeed! I wish I could hear more of other thinking : about life somewhere else, about finding love in Armenia, about the way things developp in your mind, and so on.

Do You Know How to Build a Wheel? - Pinkbike Poll

Well outside of my DIY range I think! I think rolling the extrusion would be straight forward, and the new method of pinning and gluing the rim would do away with the welding. After reading your reply I asked at the local engineering works, and they said the rolling part is easy enough. Regards Neil.

As a sponsor of professional bike teams, I've spent years at the sharp end of competitive cycling - out in the field. Rain or shine, I've watched as my wheels were pounded hard by professional racers, studied how they've performed against other people's wheels; gained an unrivalled reputation for building and repairing crash damage and providing total support. I've run wheel-building courses and been invited to deliver wheel-building demonstrations at cycle shows by component manufacturers. I've built so many wheels and evaluated so many wheel components and building techniques that I've stopped counting.

But over the years I've come to know what I like and dislike, what works and what doesn't. There's no guesswork in anything I do. I deal only with the facts. This is all the information you'll ever need. If you are paying me for something, then I make sure that what I tell you is absolutely correct. Being new to cycling I asked my LBS what to do and was advised to have the rim replaced. Asked if I wanted the same model rim I stupidly thought I'd try a different one as I'd seen that DT Swiss made some nice looking stuff.

That of course led to me needing new spokes as well. The rebuilt wheel was fine and carried me for a thousand miles or so when the hub started to play up.