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Book Description Multnomah, Condition: New. More information about this seller Contact this seller. New and unread publisher overstock with remainder mark.

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Seller Inventory Book Description Condition: New. Seller Inventory n. Language: English. Brand new Book. Dance like there's no one watching The Bible clearly shows that we have been uniquely created for a purposeful life, but it's not meant to be about us, or our career, or our fame. It's all about God, and His glory. That's the purpose of Chris Tomlin's first book--to get you to think of yourself as one of God's fame builders. You and I are formed from the dust of His creation and given breath for this reason: to spread His renown to everyone we meet by what we say and do.

It's the way we were made. The writer of many of today's most cherished youth-oriented worship songs guides readers in a personal and deeper discovery of living for God's glory. Made for More You were made for more than this world sells. All that this world has to offer is temporary. It leaves us still hungry, wanting more, because we were made for something greater. We were created to shine the spotlight on God--to spread His fame everywhere we go. I want to encourage you along your journey.

The Untold Stories of Paul McCartney | GQ

I want to help you discover more about what God has uniquely made you to do and enjoy. And I've got a story or two that I hope will throw some light on the road you're traveling. This famous God created us to worship Him. Our greatest purpose as people is to make much of God, to give our very lives in worship to Him. Far greater than anyone in Hollywood, God's name is 'up in lights, ' the lights of the universe.

His glory is seen wherever we fix our gaze.

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We are His people, formed from His dirt, given His breath to glorify Him. Our every step is to make Him famous in this life--and in the one to come. Seller Inventory AAS Book Description Penguin Random House. Brand New. Seller Inventory X.

The Way I Was Made: Words and Music for an Unusual Life

Book Description Multnomah Books, She also experiences synesthesia, the neurosensory wire-crossing in which senses seem to blend together. And it smells like cookies. The parents home-schooled the kids with no curriculum. They had no formal curriculum: Instead, they let Eilish and Finneas explore whatever interested them that day or week — art classes; museums; science programs at Cal Tech. For a long time, Eilish seemed more interested in visual art. This creepy, cold room. All these kids that looked exactly the same. Most actor kids are psychopaths. Meanwhile, there was always music.

The family had three pianos in the house, including a junky old grand that Patrick scavenged for free off the internet. Maggie played guitar and taught both kids the basics of songwriting: This is a verse, these are chords. If they were trying to create an incubator for musical prodigies, it worked. Finneas asked for his first drum kit for Christmas at age three and taught himself piano at As she and Finneas got older, they started writing together, eventually recording their songs on an iMac that Finneas — a former child actor with small roles on Modern Family and Glee — had saved up for.

When Eilish signed her first record deal, her label tried to relocate her to a real studio and get her to collaborate with more seasoned songwriters and producers. She was not a fan. When it came time to record her album, Eilish stuck with the formula she knew. She and Finneas co-wrote 11 of the 13 songs, while he wrote the other two and produced them all. Vocally, she recalls everyone from Lana Del Rey to early Eminem, her singsongy nyah-nyah raps giving way to beautiful, hushed ballads over a minimalist bottom end.

A few months ago, Finneas bought himself a new house. I have a house now! Sibling Connection: Billie and Finneas in Her mom brings it in. Eilish flips it open and shows me a few pages — sketches of optical illusions, of spiders, of the Babadook. But most of the book is filled with words: snippets from her favorite rap songs, draft lyrics for songs she never put out, lyrics for songs she did. Eilish turns the page. Scared, broken, and alone.

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Eilish says it started with a dance injury when she was When she was 12, she joined a competitive dance company. She was also self-conscious about her body. I was always worried about my appearance. That was the peak of my body dysmorphia. Then, just as she was starting to get pretty good, catastrophe struck. I was in a hip-hop class with all the seniors, the most advanced level. The injury was devastating.

She had to quit dance altogether. But the gist of it was, I felt like I deserved to be in pain. Ironically, at the same time, her career was starting to take off. But all I can think of is how miserable I was. How completely distraught and confused. Thirteen to 16 was pretty rough. Eventually, she got better. But the sadness is still with her. I was there. She proudly shows off her license. Eyes: Blue. Hair: Other. Eilish shifts into gear and makes her way through the neighborhood. I tell her not to drive differently on my account, and she shakes her head. Outside the stables, the owner greets Eilish with a hug, and they go inside to discuss her options.

Afterward, Eilish walks through the barn to visit the horses.

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She nuzzles each one, letting it smell her head. Eventually she gets to a gorgeous black mare named Jackie O, and Eilish practically swoons. For a while she took lessons on her. Eilish was so crushed, she quit riding altogether. The horse seems to remember her, too. Live Wire: Eilish at Coachella in April. She starts in San Francisco, makes her way through the Pacific Northwest, and eventually arrives in Utah, where I meet up with her at a venue called the Great Saltair, on the banks of the Great Salt Lake.

When I get there, Eilish is running around taking pictures on the salt flats in head-to-toe neon green: neon-green T-shirt, neon-green shorts, neon-green sneakers, and a neon-green Spring Breakers -style balaclava.

Eilish comes in for soundcheck, then recruits her dad and Finneas and a few crew guys for some Frisbee on the grass, which quickly devolves into a wholesome hip-hop dance party. She heads inside to cool off with a gluten-free vegan burrito a lifelong vegetarian, she has never eaten meat — although she did once accidentally swallow an ant in a glass of soy milk.

Late in the afternoon, a few dozen fans are ushered backstage for a meet-and-greet. Almost all are teen or preteen girls, accompanied by their parents. Several are dressed like mini-Billies — high-viz neon, multi-colored hair. Marquis says Grohl and Armstrong were the sweetest guys ever, but Yorke was a little tough. After the Seattle show, Eddie Vedder came backstage with his year-old daughter. That was six of them in a van — Eilish, her parents and brother, Marquis, and a merch person. Tiny little green rooms. We took it slow on purpose, so it would be more impactful when we got here — but we took it way slower than we needed to.

During the Salt Lake City show, the audience looks to be about 80 percent fans and 20 percent moms. Many of whom, to be fair, are also fans. Partway through the show, he sends her a text: Billie has a really good voice. Maggie and Patrick met in during rehearsals for a play in Alaska. They dated for 11 years before they got married. By the time Eilish came along, Maggie was 42 and Patrick was But after they moved to L. They also got less interested in chasing them. And that drove me insane — because they were really good!

As their careers slowed, they found other ways to make ends meet. Patrick worked as a handyman, Maggie taught classes in aerial the acrobatic discipline that uses fabric and trapeze , and both took on a lot of voice-over work. But when they tried to flip another one, the market collapsed, and they lost everything, barely keeping their own house. In dire need of steady work, Patrick got a job in the wood shop at Mattel, where he built sets for Barbie dolls and other toys.

And even now that they have four buses and a crew of 37, the road is still a family affair. Patrick works as a kind of utility man, using his carpentry skills to fix whatever needs fixing. Both earn a salary on the road. They worry about her, of course. So although this has all been pretty wonderful and extraordinary, we try to put a buffer between Billie and the ravenous industry.

After the show, Eilish takes a few minutes to be alone and drink some water. She spends a while choosing her outfit for the next day, then does a smell test on some dressing-room candles. Sometime around two a. Can you come sleep with me? One afternoon, Eilish and I sit down in her dressing room to talk.

She sinks into a brown leather couch, and her mom brings her a plate of Tater Tots with mustard and ketchup. She spears a few with her talons, then pushes them away. I cried for two hours every night. It was really, really bad. Eilish says it all came back to the tour. Like there was no end in sight. She often gets this feeling before a tour. And I could not think of one thing. I thought for a long time, too. She was also scared to be by herself. I felt unsafe with myself, even for an hour. Eilish knew she had to get better before she left.

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